Penis Enlargement Reviews & Dr. Victor Loria MD

Dr. Victor Loria MD,  is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who has performed a range of surgeries and procedures throughout his career and specializes in minimally invasive male enhancement procedures. In the field of penis and scrotal enlargement, he is widely considered a pioneer. Patients seek him out from all over the world for his permanent filler technique that effectively increases penis girth. Dr. Loria has performed male enhancement procedures more than 5,000 times. Reviews from his patients are extremely positive, and, with permission, he routinely hands out names of patients as referrals, so that prospective clients can find assurance they seek.

Dr. Loria’s “Trademarks” of Practice

There is only one physician in the U.S. who offers a minimally invasive male enhancement procedure with no cutting or anesthesia, and that is Dr. Victor Loria MD. He developed this unique procedure himself. It is called the Platinum procedure.

In his practice, Dr. Loria treats the whole person. When a man seeks penis enlargement or scrotal enhancement, everyone at Loria Medical is very friendly, helpful, discreet, and sensitive to the delicacy of the matter.

The male enhancement treatment for girth enlargement that Dr. Loria provides helps men to gain self-esteem and confidence they have longed for. The Platinum method goes further than just making a man feel more confident about the appearance of his penis. Larger girth achieved with the treatment does a better job of stimulating orgasms more often and with greater intensity. Many men who have received Dr. Loria’s procedure report that their marriages are better than ever, as a direct result of having a larger penis and enjoying better sex.

Loria Medical Penile Procedures

The following are among the many minimally invasive procedures available at Loria Medical:

  • Girth enlargement of the penile shaft
  • Enlargement of the penile head or penile glans
  • Scrotal enlargement
  • Peyronie’s disease treatment, for a curved penis
  • Correct or enhance prior traditional penis enlargement treatments performed elsewhere, such as a transfer of fat obtained through Lipo

Reviews of Dr. Victor Loria MD & his Platinum Method

Through the years, Dr. Loria’s innovative approach to male enhancement has been the subject of articles in various publications. In Elite Daily, several of his patients were interviewed and give rave reviews of Dr. Victor Loria MD and the Platinum procedure. The following are some reviews paraphrased.

Steve, a 56-year-old, sought the procedure to strengthen his marital relationship. Before seeing Dr. Victor Loria MD he had penis enlargement surgery that did not provide permanent results. After having the treatments at Loria Medical, his penis was heavier, thicker, and longer. There have been no negative effects, but he feels that sensitivity has increased. Pleasure has also increased for him, and his wife experiences more orgasms than previously.

Chris, age 46, had insecurities about the size of his penis, and they were exacerbated when a formal girlfriend shouted at him in anger and referred to his small penis. He began to research places to get male enhancement and ended up at Dr. Loria’s office. He has had several Platinum procedures. His penis has gone from 4.5 to 5 inches in length, and the girth has gone from 4.75 inches to 7 inches. His confidence level is off the charts.

The vast majority of male enhancement treatments leave men feeling unsatisfied, but that is not the case with patients who receive Dr. Victor Loria MD Platinum procedure. If you are interested in a real answer to penis enlargement, contact Dr. Victor Loria MD Medical today by calling 877-DR-LORIA (877-375-6742).


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